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Recommended Reading

Want to get started in theology? Download our recommended reading list
We also recommend: 'Cafe Theology' (Alpha publications) by Dr Michael Lloyd

Graham Tomlin writes on 'A Theology of the Cross for the Contemporary World'.


Focus 2012 Handouts

Please note that these resources are designed as supportive material in conjuction with the live talks delivered at Focus 2012 and not designed to be read as independent material. We apologise that we did not have enough hard copies available at Focus. 

Theologians You Should Know

Basil The Great - Graham Tomlin

Blaise Pascal - Graham Tomlin

Rudolf Bultmann - Chris Tilling



How to Understand the Bible? - Chris Tilling

Proverbs - Andy Emerton

The Heart of Romans - Chris Tilling


School of Prayer Day Talks: 3rd March 2012

Ghostbusters? A beginners' guide to spiritual warfare

To download the talks right click and 'save link as'

Talk 1 - Unseen Warfare - Bishop of London

Talk 2 - Spiritual Warfare and Social Transformation - Debra Green

Talk 3 - Panel Q+A

Seminar 1 - Redeeming our Communities - Debra Green

Seminar 2 - Where Angels Tread - Pete Greig

Seminar 3 - Setting Capitves Free - Emmy Wilson

Talk 4 - Luther, the Devil and the Future of the World - Graham Tomlin


School of Prayer Day Talks: 23rd January 2010

Introduction & Interview: Graham Tomlin & Simon Barrington Ward

 Session 1: Growing In Prayer - Pete Greig

Session 2: Martin Luther - Graham Tomlin

Session 2: C.S Lewis - Simon Barrington Ward

Q & A's: Graham Tomlin & Simon Barrington Ward

School of Theology Downloads

In this section you can find FREE downloads of some of the talks given at the School of Theology on Saturdays at SPTC. Some are DVDs, some are audio files. These are just some of the highlights of the School of Theology - to get the whole course you'll JUST have to sign up to start the course in September!

Tom Smail - The Trinity

Archbishop Rowan Williams - The Gospel of John

Graham Tomlin - The character of God

Amy Orr Ewing - Can we trust the bible?

Mike Lloyd - God in a world of pain

The Bishop of London - Maximus the confessor
Part 1 - Graham Tomlin Introduction
Part 2 - Bishop of London on "Maximus The Confessor"


Article: Dawkins, Theology and God

by Dr Graham Tomlin, Dean St Mellitus College, Principal St Paul's Theological Centre

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